Where Did My Taxes Go?

Income & Taxes

What is your salary?
$ per month per year
How much are your federal income taxes?
$ per month last year I don't know
How do you file your taxes?
Single Joint Head of Household
How much do you earn from capital gains (stocks, dividends, interest)?
$ per month last year
If you own a home, how much mortgage interest do you pay each year?
* Taxes will be approximated based on standard assumptions.

Life Expenses

How many gallons of fuel do you buy?
$ per week per month last year I don't know
How many miles do you drive?
$ per week per month last year
What is your vehicle's average gas milage?
$ miles / gallon
How much is your phone bill?
$ per month

Healthcare & Education

What total higher education expenses do you expect to pay for yourself or dependants?
$ lifetime
How much do you pay for health insurance?
$ per month per year government provided

Alcohol, Tobacco, Etc

How many cans of beer do you buy?
per week per month per year don't drink
How many bottles of wine do you buy?
per week per month per year don't drink
How many packs of cigarettes do you buy?
per week per month per year don't smoke

...Or Use Statistical "Typical" Taxpayers

This website uses standard assumptions to approximate how much of your tax payment each year goes to each government program. Because there are many complexities, and assumptions must be made about your income, tax rate, and tax payments, the results will not be 100% accurate.

The US budget posted by the US government is used to derive the costs of each individual program and account. As such, the results are only as accurate as the expenditure data provided by the US government itself, and does not include unreported or underreported expenditures.

So what is the purpose of this site if it's not accurate? Keep in mind that no similar site will be completely accurate, especially if you do not fully understand the context within which the data is presented. WhereDidMyTaxesGo.com is meant to help you get a general feel for approximate costs and expenditures which can then be used as a launching point for your own research. It is a fun visualization that can help you see just how much of your money goes to each general category or individual line item, and helps present the complexities of cutting spending when you try to figure out which line items you would reduce or eliminate, each with such a relatively small percentage of the total pie.

We will continue to try to improve the accuracy of the results, and if you see an error we welcome your input; please include details on where you feel our calculations are in error. We will also try to add other useful features to the site and welcome any suggestions you may have on those as well. In the mean time, enjoy, and no matter what emotions this data ellicits in you, make sure you get out and vote and make your voice heard!